In the 2022 Regular Session, the Senate Concurrent Resolution NO. 13 was adopted. SCR 13 was a request that the Secretary of LDEQ study and make recommendations for strategies to increase the recycling of plastic.

After holding a series of five dialogue sessions, LDEQ concluded that the future of recycling will require multiple approaches to establish new recycling programs, expand and increase existing programs, and provide long-term sustainability. The final assessment and recommendations can be found HERE.


The Recycling Partnership has produced a comprehensive report on the State of Louisiana Residential Recycling Access and Infrastructure

Louisiana has been identified as an area with vast potential and opportunity to improve access and capture more recyclable materials. Research into Louisiana’s recycling sector in calendar year 2022 informed The Partnership about residential recycling access and infrastructure in the state. During this research, The Partnership spoke with stakeholders throughout Louisiana and the Gulf Coast to better understand the residential recycling sector in the region, and to identify regional challenges that have stunted the development of a more robust system, such as the impacts of hurricanes on processing capacity, and the operation and growth of municipal programs.

The most important takeaway from the research is the incredible opportunity that is available in Louisiana to not only support the development of a more robust residential recycling system but to collect the hundreds of thousands of tons of recyclables that are currently being landfilled. Read the full report here.



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