The Louisiana Recycling Coalition is seeking interns to carry out research projects that will educate and inform the public about recycling issues in Louisiana. The organization will work with Universities throughout the state to certify research performed for school credit (independent studies, service hours, etc.). See the list below for research ideas or contact us with a project of your own design!  

Research Projects: 

State Policy

Choose a material that is widely considered "hard to recycle" (eg. paint, tires, certain types of electronic waste). Research current policy on how the material is recycled in Louisiana. Then, research how other states have implemented policies to manage/recycle the same material. Compare the different state policies you discover and justify a recommendation for Louisiana to adopt new programs or regulations in the handling of your chosen material.


WHY WE RECYCLE: Create an in depth and original piece of art, meme, or presentation that inspires people to recycle. We are seeking proposals for art that will inspire our community to take action. Proposals should include examples of previous artwork.

Recycling Infrastructure

Research and update the list of recyclers in Louisiana provided on the map on the following webpage: 

Industry Development

Write a report for the LRC detailing challenges and opportunities for glass recycling in Louisiana. 


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