Recycling Infrastructure

The Recycling Infrastructure Committee seeks to improve access to recycling throughout the state of Louisiana by ensuring safe, reliable and adequate infrastructure exists.

Current strategies planned through this committee are as follows:

  • Work collaboratively with state agencies and organizations to conduct a statewide study in order to quantify the amount of recycled materials currently processed at the industry level. This will aid in identifying and addressing system gaps and deficiencies that exist.
    If you are a recycling processor in Louisiana and are not included on this list.  Please contact
  • Quantify the economic benefits the recycling industry provides to Louisiana and the opportunities for job creation and economic growth that can be achieved through infrastructure investments.
      o   Louisiana Economic Stats:

    Recycling Manufacturers: 13

    Jobs Created in Recycling Industry: 4,887
    Total Annual Sales: $1,146,008.370

  Source: 2010 SERDC Study

  • Establish regional workgroups and committees to address specific infrastructure needs and issues.

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The Louisiana Recycling Coalition is an independent organization fiscally sponsored by the Southeast Recycling Development Council, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. 



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